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Through my formative years, I developed a love for oil painting. But, unfortunately, the clichéd impoverished life of an artist didn’t mesh with my high level of aspiration for myself and my future. Out of high school, I decided instead to begin work as a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics. A job I was all too eager to start, keeping me out of a corporate job that would’ve stifled my creativity. At 19, I already had a vision for how I wanted my life to be.


Little did I know, this would be the springboard for a series of life-changing experiences. From a small town in Florida, I moved to Los Angeles where I was able to hone my craft and pave the way for my future in the industry. I had the opportunity to work in unforgettable environments, from the Grammy’s red carpet, to interpersonal celebrity makeup sessions, marking the moment I came into my own as an artist. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with artists from various backgrounds: such as Tyra Banks, Marilyn Manson, Selena Gomez, and others from all walks of life.


Wanting to expand my horizons, and live through new experiences, I was presented with an opportunity to work for a fashion house in Milan, Italy at the age of 23. This brought my talents a new challenge, the fashion industry. I was able to sharpen my precision with makeup under intense deadlines. Through work with D-Squared, Ellis Faas, and various other fledgling fashion lines and international makeup artists, I broadened my horizons, my expertise, and my art.


Fast forward to my current city, New York, my home for the last ten years. I continued my work with MAC, designing new makeup trends used for MAC internationally, alongside renowned makeup artists Romero Jennings (in charge of makeup artistry for mac cosmetics) and Gregory Arlt (west coast lead for makeup artistry for mac cosmetics). However, during this time I never lost touch with my roots, still working on sales floors and working with guests, getting my hands dirty, and continuing the development of my skills working with the everyday person. I worked in showrooms, back rooms, and in every level of development for a company that never failed to teach me through the 13 years I had the pleasure of working for them.


In New York, I also continued to work though the fashion industry, including the illustrious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, broadening my clientele list to include numerous designers like Carolina Herrera, Tom Brown, Jeremy Scott, and Alexander Wang, among others. I also collaborated with Zac Posen and Delta Airlines to develop new guidelines for hair, makeup, and apparel. These helped create a passion in me to bring the upscale makeup looks of luxury brands, to the people of the world.


When I ceased to continue learning and growing, I decided to change my career trajectory, leaving MAC cosmetics, and joining Chantecaille. Their fundamentals of luxury products broadened my perspective of the industry and led me down a path that taught me so much about skincare, clean products and living, and my approach to makeup. This change in career, while recent, has had a profound impact on me and my journey through life, and how I believe that makeup can leave a mark on the lives of everyday people and the world. 

"My values are those of honest living in a world of inclusivity, opening my horizons to people of all backgrounds and savoring every moment to improve their lives through my artistry."   

- Dustin Patrick

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To push the boundaries of my craft and my capabilities as an artist. I want to showcase my talent in an innovative way, inspiring those who watch my content, while always maintain an air of approachability. I strive to live my life honestly and want to remain positive, promoting clean products and clean lifestyle choices. Projecting positivity for all skin types, races, body types, sexual orientations, and genders through makeup is something that has driven me throughout my career, where I have continually striven to learn and grow every day.

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My ultimate end goal is to have my own successful makeup brand that is centered around clean products and clean living. I was inspired by the lifestyle of Gucci Westman of Westman Atelier. I believe her approach to makeup and lifestyle is both luxuriously aspirational, approachable and a great way to live life.


I want to portray a true image that is neither fake nor overly processed, as I strive to be my authentic self every day of my life. Remaining approachable is a top priority as I reach for my goals. This combination of authentic, yet approachable, was inspired by the work of makeup artist Troy Surratt.


I want to leave my self-identity in my work, and the brand I continue to develop; a brand focused on increasing self-acceptance and pride through the use of makeup. My mission is to create a world where, Authenticity is Beautiful.

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